From preschools to lecture halls, one thing remains true—where our kids go, so do viruses and bacteria. And a classroom that’s “just been cleaned” is no match for the hotbed of microbes being shared over and over again. But we are.

As the sole developer of DHP™ (Dry Hydrogen Peroxide), Synexis and our leading BioDefense System has the power to continuously attack pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. Whether it’s influenza around the kindergarten classroom or an outbreak of mold in aging residence halls, Synexis makes a real, noticeable difference.

Our impressive DHP™ technology.

Synexis is the sole developer of the process by which naturally occurring oxygen and humidity are taken from the air to create Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), otherwise known as DHP™.

The creation of this technology makes us pioneers in the area of microbial reduction. That’s right, pioneers. Here’s why.

Continuous Clean
DHP™ works continuously, (the 24/7/365 kind of continuously) to reduce the levels of microbes in the classroom, dormitory, or any indoor space students go—both in the air and on surfaces.
Certifiably Zero Ozone
DHP™ is a form of gas whose molecule, Hydrogen Peroxide, is a natural component of human lungs. Plus, DHP™ occurs at levels well below OSHA’s standard¹. Synexis Devices also underwent rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and were certified to meet UL2998 for zero ozone emissions.
Commands the Room
DHP™ flows wherever air flows, throughout any indoor space—reducing the presence of microbes without anyone having to leave the room, unlike other methods.
Low Maintenance
Just turn it on and go about your day. DHP™ works behind the scenes with very little upkeep, no operating staff, and no disruption to anyone’s routine.

In the air and on surfaces: Where DHP™ flows.

Try stopping a toddler from touching every toy, trinket, or shiny object they come across. Luckily, we won’t have to because our DHP™ fights microbes in every corner of the classroom.
K-12 Private & Public Schools
From locker rooms to lunchrooms, students are always on the move. That’s why Synexis works around the clock, continuously attacking microbes.
Colleges & Universities
When students head to college, their habits change: junk food, little sleep, partying. While Synexis won’t enforce a curfew, it can at least help to reduce disease-causing microbes in the air and on surfaces.
Synexis can’t separate a stack of dirty clothes, but it can help reduce the germs that lay on top of them. And should the scary moment arise, DHP™ is also effective in repelling bedbugs.
Dining Halls
Plastic trays in cafeterias are one of the biggest culprits of germs. Our DHP™ specializes in helping to reduce microbes throughout the air and on surfaces.
Kansas State University

Fighting mold and viruses at KSU.

As the Director of Housing and Dining Services, Derek Jackson oversees residence halls filled with students from all over the country. He wanted to create a cleaner environment for his students and staff and turned to Synexis.

Read about the results Jackson and KSU experienced below.

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