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Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) cost hospitals anywhere between $28 billion and $45 billion annually1 and attribute to an estimated 99,000 patients deaths each year.2 Not only that, but new emerging pathogens pose additional global threats, such as pathogens like C. auris and MRSA. Drug-resistant pathogens lead to deadly infections.

Infection prevention is tireless work, so why not use a technology that doesn’t stop between cleanings? 

References: 1. Arnold C. “Rethinking sterile: the hospital microbiome,” Environmental Health Perspectives, 2014. 2. Stone P. W. “Economic burden of healthcare-associated infections: an American perspective,” Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res, 2009. 

Healthcare Industry Overview

Our healthcare mission is to continuously mitigate indoor environmental risks across the continuum of care for patients, guests, and healthcare professionals; one occupied space at a time.

As the sole developer of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP®), Synexis solves for the reality of the healthcare environment – constant contamination, and recontamination, from patients, staff, and even the facility itself. 
Synexis works before, during, and after conventional scheduled cleanings, so you can breathe easy knowing there is an extra layer of protection in your space.

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Data is far more significant when it’s supplemented with real-world outcomes and success stories in the healthcare environment.

As the sole developer of DHP, Synexis provides whole and high risk-focused deployments for hospitals, long term care facilities, compounding pharmacies and all healthcare environments.

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USP 797 Revisions:  Preparing Your Hospital Pharmacy

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“It provided our hospital staff a tremendous sense of security, especially during peaks in COVID rates, but really day in and day out because the threat of infection transmission is ever-present in healthcare settings.”

– Karen Phillips, BSN, RN, CIC Director of Infection Prevention at an acute care hospital in Northern California

What Our Customers Are Saying

“DHP™ significantly reduces the organisms in the air and on surfaces. The reduction promotes a cleaner environment which can reduce the risk of a hospital-acquired infection. DHP™ can help us continue chasing zero.”

– Dr. Jennifer Sanguinet, DrPH, Principal Investigator at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

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