synexis microbial reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Synexis?

How did Synexis get started?

What is Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP)?

How do you create Dry Hydrogen Peroxide?

What is the sail made of?

What makes our technology different?

Is it safe?

At 5 to 25 parts per billion, how does DHP kill anything?

Does Synexis have studies with controlled environments?

Does DHP kill fleas, flies, bedbugs and other insects?

Does DHP technology work for spore-formingand vegetative bacteria?

Where can Synexis’ technology be installed?

Do you have a portable unit?

Do the units come in a variety of sizes?

Does room size determine how many devices are needed?

Does the system require a unit in every room in order to be effective?

Does your product work in areas of low humidity?

How does Dry Hydrogen Peroxide get behind the drywall, ceiling, and other unseen places?

Is DHP corrosive or does it degrade equipment?

Does Dry Hydrogen Peroxide cause problems with HEPA filters?

Would construction affect this technology’s efficiency?

How much does it cost to install the Synexis technology in my business?

How do you maintain Synexis devices? Do they require servicing?