About Synexis

Our Vision

We see a world where no matter the culture or customs, the differences or dialect, the longitude or latitude, Synexis technology makes it safer to walk into any room.


Our Mission

As a company born from science and engineering, shaped by military might, we have the intelligence, the power, and the technology to pick a fight with pathogens no matter where they hide. Using our cutting-edge BioDefense System, we will make air and surfaces cleaner.  We will make the environment healthier. We will make the world safer.  We will turn the places and spaces we exist in, into the places and spaces we LIVE in, where we can all breathe a little easier.


We’re always honored each time Synexis receives special distinction for its impressive role in microbial reduction.


      • Top Air Quality Solution Provider 2023
      • CBRE’s 2022 Best Health & Safety Innovation Solution Award
      • Newsweek’s Best Infection Prevention Products of 2021
      • The Edison Best New Product Awards
      • “Making a Difference” Innovations in Infection Prevention 2020
      • 2015 William A. Rutala Abstract Award for the best abstract on the subject of disinfection, sterilization, or antisepsis
      • Red Dot Product Design Award: Heating and Air Conditioning Technology
      • Technological Innovation Award for “Best CPE Solution”