Synexis: Revolutionizing Cleaner Air and Surfaces with Chick-fil-A

We are on a mission to help restaurants like Chick-fil-A better serve owner operators, team members, and guests. Our innovative Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP®) utilizes natural processes to work continuously to reduce harmful pathogens, mold, and odors in the air and on surfaces. This creates that improved indoor environment for your staff and customers.

How It Works

DHP molecules are dispersed throughout your restaurant. These molecules then seek out and neutralize contaminants on a molecular level. The process occurs when moisture from the surrounding environment interacts with the solid-state compound. As the humidity levels rise, the compound starts to degrade, which releases a controlled amount of hydrogen peroxide in the air.

Synexis and Chick-fil-A Are Better Together

  • Our devices are tailored for bustling restaurants, ensuring round-the-clock cleanliness.
  • We strive to cater to everyone who enters a Chick-fil-A with our DHP technology.
  • Synexis is currently active in more than 150 restaurants in the United States.

Why This Matters

Think about the atmosphere in your restaurant. It’s busy with a constant flow of customers, the fast-paced kitchen environment and more. It’s a breeding ground for contaminants and odors. With Synexis Systems, you’re adding an extra layer of indoor environmental protection by continuously attacking those, both in the air and on surfaces. Synexis works before, during, and after conventional scheduled cleanings, so you can breathe easy knowing there is an extra layer of protection in your space.

But it’s about more than improving the indoor air quality (IAQ). It’s about enhancing the overall experience for diners and staff. An investment in Synexis is showing a commitment to the well-being and safety of all those who step foot inside your restaurant. It means cleaner air and surfaces, which helps reduce the risk of foodborne illness and much more. It’s our genuine pleasure to contribute to enhancing the indoor environment for every visitor at Chick-fil-A.

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