Synexis microbial Reduction system

Poultry Operations

A novel approach for a cleaner egg pack

Synexis holds three United States patents (granted and pending) for the use of Dry Hydrogen PeroxideTM in the poultry space.

Synexis provides a continuous microbial reduction strategy within occupied spaces.


With consumers requesting antibiotic-free production, Synexis is partnering with the industry to optimize poultry operations.

Our patented technology uses the ambient air to produce Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) providing your facility with 24/7 treatment. DHP impacts virtually every corner by treating both air and surfaces. Our technology allows for whole room decontamination while remaining fully occupied.

Synexis is the sole-source provider of Dry Hydrogen PeroxideTM 


(99.13% reduction in 6 hours)

E. Coli
(97.45% reduction in 6 hours)

Aspergillus (mold)
(86% reduction in 6 hours)

All Third-Party Tested

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Because Dry Hydrogen Peroxide is delivered at a low concentration (5-25 ppb), it is safe for occupied spaces. Our technology is not aqueous or vaporized and is UL certified as non-ozone producing.

DHP Safety Audit

Added Value of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide

Employee Break Rooms

The Synexis Microbial Reduction System allows you to reduce contamination in and out of production. Our livestock workers remain essential personnel during critical times. Synexis can help ensure their efforts are supported. Dry Hydrogen Peroxide technology is a patented, proven technology for continuous microbial reduction in occupied spaces. Learn how you can combat contamination in and out of your production space.

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In both real world and laboratory studies, our microbial reduction systems are effective at reducing the number of live insects.

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Odors stem from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemical compounds emitted as gases from both solid and liquids. DHP provides an added bonus by reducing odors in the poultry environment.

How It Works

Our technology utilizes the ambient humidity and oxygen already present in your environment to produce gas phase hydrogen peroxide for the poultry operations environment. You can deploy DHP in your facility’s HVAC system or via standalone devices.

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Our Technology Works In Any Poultry Operation

We implement our technology with a focus on customer service and your desired outcomes. From environmental sampling to installation, we will help you achieve your facility’s goals.

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