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At Synexis, we believe in creating more productive environments through reducing microbial contamination.

Using a client-focused and data-driven approach we help our customers achieve their environmental goals.

Our microbial reduction systems are fully patented for use in the United States and around the world.

Synexis is the first and only company to design microbial reduction technology that produces hydrogen peroxide in the same physical state as the oxygen and nitrogen in the air; this unique molecule is known as Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP). Using DHP, our patented microbial reduction technology allows for the natural and continuous reduction of microbial contamination in occupied spaces.

Our History

James D. Lee is the company founder and inventor of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Gas technology.  He is a West Point Graduate and has served in key command and staff positions.  Jim has a master’s degree from the University of Virginia in Chemical Engineering and also taught at West Point from 1993 to 1997, where he directed the Academy’s largest academic course.

After leaving the United States Army as a Major, Jim entered the public sector as an anti-terrorism consultant for several Fortune 500 companies, including AIG.

While establishing the first sensor networks in New York City’s financial district, Jim determined that, unlike chemical and radiological sensors, no viable technology existed to detect biological agents in real time. Jim sought to fill this capability gap by developing a prophylactic means for mitigating biological risks. His goal was to develop a technology that would work around the clock in occupied spaces to reduce microbial threats from the moment of their introduction, even if their introduction was unnoticed. This is how the Synexis technology known as Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) was created.

Late Cold War

Jim Lee, Inventor, and Founder of Synexis serves as a Major for the U.S. Army in Chemical, Radiological, and Biological Defense.


Jim works for his alma mater, West Point, as its Chemistry Department Director. He oversees 18 faculty members and 900+ cadets.


Terrorism events such as the African Embassy Bombings, 9/11, and Anthrax Letters occur- serving as the catalyst to the creation of Synexis.


Synexis is founded, and what it can do for the private sector is fully realized.

Since its discovery in the early 1800s, countless research studies have shown hydrogen peroxide to be an effective means for microbial reduction.

Synexis offers this well-established molecule through a new mechanism: A truly safe gas, known as Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP), capable of achieving continuous microbial reduction in the air and on surfaces.

By encompassing all areas of an enclosed space, DHP can reach the most important areas of a facility. The critical differentiator of DHP from other forms of hydrogen peroxide is that DHP can be safely delivered in occupied spaces.

How DHP Works

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Synexis technology can help your organization achieve a more comprehensive environmental treatment strategy than ever before.

Our Client Process

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