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Indoor Air Quality in Hotels and Resorts Paramount to Guests

David Lesky
In an industry that has seen significant changes over the past few years, travelers are increasingly conscious of indoor air quality (IAQ) in hotels and resorts. They are more aware of their surroundings and are prioritizing health and well-being than ever before. As they are back to traveling at pre-pandemic levels, that means the next travel season is always just around the corner.

A recent survey by Fellowes, a leader in air quality management, has revealed a big change in the priorities for guests at hotels and resorts. What’s emerged is that clean IAQ is one of the top considerations for travelers when selecting their accommodations. A free breakfast no longer tops the list. Free parking, loyalty programs, and fitness amenities have also slipped. It’s all about cleaner air.

Better Indoor Air Quality in Hotels and Resorts: A Top Priority

Fellowes conducted the survey in the United States and Canada. They gathered responses from those who have stayed at a hotel within the past year. While indoor air quality has never been a top priority before, it has taken center stage now. The shift highlights the evolving expectations of travelers. Clean and healthy indoor air quality in hotels and resorts is no longer an afterthought. It’s a crucial factor for guests, which means it needs to be on the forefront of the minds of any hotel or resort owner.

Information Gap: A Missed Opportunity

This survey shows that it hasn’t been on the forefront of those minds, at least not enough and not what’s been promoted. Only 30 percent of those responding indicated they noticed any information about a property’s commitment to IAQ during any of their stays this past year. Nearly half noticed information about sustainability commitments in guest rooms, which are important, but not as important to guests as IAQ. The disconnect presents a tremendous opportunity in the hospitality industry to bridge that gap, improve IAQ, and meet the needs of travelers.

The Changing Landscape of Travel

With travel costs actually down some from 2022, travelers are more eager to hit the road. There is potential for a surge in last-minute bookings due to the decrease in costs. With that in mind, now is the time for hotels and resorts to invest in IAQ enhancements. Leisure travel demand is projected to grow by two percent over the next few years, according to the US Travel Association. Hotels can tap into this opportunity by focusing on improving their indoor air quality.

“It’s clear from our survey results that guests place a high value on the cleanliness of their rooms and the quality of air throughout a property during their stay, rating it above perks that properties will often focus on when marketing a property to potential guests,” said Arti Lyde, global general manager of air quality management at Fellowes. “We hope these results showcase the importance for hotel decision-makers to invest in air quality improvements as a way to invest in their business as well as the well-being and satisfaction of their employees and guests.”

indoor air quality in hotels and resorts are paramount to guests

How Synexis® Can Help Enhance IAQ in Hotels and Resorts

Synexis offers cutting-edge air purification and pathogen control solutions that can significantly elevate indoor air quality. The innovative Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP®) technology goes beyond conventional methods by working 24/7/365 to actively reduce the presence of harmful pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air and on surfaces. We offer solutions that can fit right into your existing HVAC system or can be plugged in and mounted virtually anywhere.

With this technology, Synexis can empower those in the hospitality industry to not only meet but exceed guest expectations. Implementing Synexis Solutions, hotels and resorts (and many others across as many industries as can be imagined) can create cleaner and safer environments, providing peace of mind to guests, but also staff. As the importance of IAQ continues to become more obvious, Synexis can be a partner in the industry to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of valued patrons.

Clean air is no longer a hidden gem, it’s a shining star. Hotels that adapt and invest in IAQ advancements are not only aligning with guest preferences but also helping to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone who steps foot in their establishment. The future of travel is clear: clean air matters, and hotels and resorts that prioritize it will thrive in this new era of hospitality.

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