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Introducing the Sentry XL!

David Lesky

The newest device featuring Synexis’ exclusive Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP®) technology is about ready to hit the market and it’s big. It’s huge. It’s XL…the Sentry XL! We are so excited to announce the launch of this game-changing device that is designed to provide outstanding performance and unbeatable coverage. It promises to transform the way we experience our living and working environments.

The Sentry XL was designed with our customers’ biggest needs in mind. It provides maximum coverage, an increased temperature range, and extended bulb life. It also has a sleek design and the maintenance is easier than ever. The device can stand alone or can be mounted on the wall with additional wall mounting options and requires just a standard 120VAC outlet to get up and running and pumping that DHP.

“Our team is thrilled to introduce the Sentry XL, a device that reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for our indoor environments across all industries,” said Dennis Doyle, Synexis CEO. “With its expansive coverage, revolutionary DHP technology and long-lasting LED bulb, the Sentry XL is the complete package to enhance the quality of life for our valued customers.”

A Deeper Look at What’s New With the Sentry XL

Maximum Coverage: It’s the perfect solution for your larger indoor environment, covering areas of up to 3,000 sq. ft. That means fewer units for more coverage.

Increased Temperature Range: DHP flows in colder environments down to 35° F, so this device is perfect for environments that require it to be a bit chillier.

Extended LED Bulb: An energy-efficient LED bulb can last for 5+ years, ensuring you don’t have to worry about frequent replacements, which saves money and reduces waste.

Robust Design: It’s built with durability and reliability in mind. Created from high-quality materials, the Sentry XL has a stainless-steel and aluminum frame built to handle the toughest indoor environments.

Simplified Maintenance: Your time is valuable, so the Sentry XL’s maintenance is simpler than ever with easy-to-access consumables.

Synexis developed the Sentry XL to be able to impact more people, more businesses and more industries. The larger range of coverage allows for fewer units. The wider temperature range allows for cold storage to be impacted. The simplified maintenance and extended bulb life allows for organizations to have to do less while impacting more. While we’re never done innovating at Synexis, this device is our greatest innovation to date and promises to revolutionize many industries.

Learn More about the Sentry XL

To chat with an IEQ specialist about the brand-new Sentry XL, click here to fill out your information. 

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