Synexis in the News

Trane Helps Bring K-12 Students Back to School with Indoor Air Quality Solutions

To meet the evolving needs of schools and increased demand for air cleaning solutions, Trane now offers Synexis®-made Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) solutions to K-12 schools in the U.S. to help reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria, and mold in the air and on surfaces.

Trane Technologies and Synexis® Introduce Innovative Technology that Reduces Microbe Spread in Indoor Environments

Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator, announces it has joined forces with Synexis to provide its customers with market-leading, innovative technology in indoor environmental quality.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios announces efforts to mitigate COVID-19 transmission at its facilities

The state of the art 700-acre film studio, which is home to more than 50 production related businesses, invested millions on its new protocols, upgrading its air quality, health testing, badging systems, even how individuals open the door.

University of Oklahoma to Install Specialized Microbe-Fighting Devices in Residence Hall Rooms

On Thursday, June 18, the OU Board of Regents will vote on installing Synexis® technology in three residence halls on campus. Pending approval, the University of Oklahoma will install 2,300 Synexis Sphere devices in every room in Adams, Couch and Walker Centers to continuously produce Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) to help reduce viruses, bacteria and fungi in occupied spaces. The patented, DHP technology has the added benefit of reducing odor and repelling insects.

Marietta Country Club in Kennesaw, GA installed Synexis Systems

The technology produces dry hydrogen peroxide (DHP) gas from ambient oxygen and humidity. DHP diffuses throughout the building, -ceiling to floor, corner to corner. Installation in the clubhouse was preceded by installation in the golf and tennis shops as well as the golf course restrooms. Rice said that on-site testing has already demonstrated significant microbial reductions.

University of Oklahoma Selects Synexis Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Technology for Microbial Reduction in Select Residence Hall Rooms

NORMAN, OKLA. – The University of Oklahoma (OU) Board of Regents voted to approve the installation of 2,300 Synexis® Sphere antimicrobial devices in the residence hall towers on the Norman campus as part of its university-wide Clean and Green initiative. Synexis® LLC, is the sole developer of hydrogen peroxide gas and Dry Hydrogen Peroxide technology (DHP™) for occupied spaces.

Minsky's Pizza, Eggtc., Osteria IL Centro resturants will install Synexis systems

The Minsky's owner views the technology as a marketing tool and is considering purchasing a TV commercial spot to share how it's being used in his restaurants. He also plans to promote the technology on his restaurants' websites and post signage outside.