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Our technology offers flexible deployment options in your facility. All Synexis technology utilizes same patented DHP process.

Blade – Inline Device

The Blade is designed to fit in-line with your existing HVAC ductwork. The device can be deployed in any size duct utilizing adapters. The Blade is a completely discreet option for deploying Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) in your occupied environment. Device installation will not impact your existing HVAC system.


The Sphere is a sleek portable option for clients who desire effective microbial reduction while incorporating the technology into the aesthetics of their facility. The Sphere's design is capable of custom branding. The Sphere can be mounted virtually anywhere and requires only a standard 120VAC/220VAC outlet.


The Sentry is a portable device designed for industrial facilities with an inaccessible or nonexistent HVAC system. The Sentry has a rugged steel design for the most challenging environments. The Sentry can be mounted virtually anywhere and requires only a standard 120VAC/220VAC outlet.

Digital Brochure 

Download the brochure to learn more about the Synexis Microbial Defense System.

Our Services

Reduction of Microbial Burden

Synexis DHP is a continuous application that consistently kills microbes everywhere air goes within a facility. DHP significantly reduces a facility’s baseline bio-burden and maintains the new, lower baseline. Due to DHP’s continuous nature microbial events are far less significant.

Site Assessments

Synexis prioritizes partnerships with every client. Each project begins with an in-depth site assessment of your operation. This includes analysis of current cleaning practices, identification of problematic areas, and planning the placement of Synexis technology for optimal results.


Air, Surface, & VOC Sampling

It’s important to identify the microbial issues a facility is facing. Synexis offers a myriad of environmental sampling services to help clients understand the bioburden within their space. Using proven methods and sampling tools, Synexis helps clients identify microbial levels within the facility before and after implementation of DHP Technology.

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