microbial reduction Experts

Meet the Synexis Team

The team of microbial reduction experts at Synexis believes in creating cleaner environments for every occupant. We’re an experienced group that’s passionate about helping you achieve your microbial reduction goals.

The Synexis Management Team

Eric Schlote, CEO
Charles Tribié, Chief Operating Officer
Mike Martens, Chief Financial Officer
James Lee, Founder
Douglas Bosma, Senior VP
J. Russell Stephens, VP Business Development
Chris Raney, VP of Sales

The Synexis Board

Harlan Batrus, Chairman
Jonathan Kagan, Director
David Jefferds, Director
Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., Director
Stuart Kinder, Director
Sandford Morhouse, Director
John Myers, Director
Peter C. Morse, Director
Eric Schlote, Director
James Lee, Founder/Director
Robert Hershan, Director

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