Cleats piercing turf. The heat of the stage lights. The crack of a bat. The applause after a performance. Whether it’s sports, recreation, or live theatre, all forms of entertainment are indispensable parts of our lives. But sweaty equipment, smelly dressing rooms, and shared clubhouses let viruses and bacteria run the show. That’s why Synexis is the player you need.

As the sole developer of DHP™ (Dry Hydrogen Peroxide), Synexis and our leading BioDefense system has the power to reduce the presence of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces without anyone needing to leave the room. With proven results against the spread of viruses and bacteria like MRSA, and mold like A. niger (which causes black mold), Synexis makes a real, noticeable difference.1,2

Our impressive DHP™ technology.

Synexis is the sole developer of the process by which naturally occurring oxygen and humidity are taken from the air to create Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), otherwise known as DHP™.

The creation of this technology makes us pioneers in the area of microbial reduction. That’s right, pioneers. Here’s why.
Continuous Clean
DHP™ works continuously, (the 24/7/365 kind of continuously) to reduce the levels of microbes in the locker room, on the sound stage, or in any indoor space athletes and performers go—both in the air and on surfaces.
Certifiably Zero Ozone
DHP™ is a form of gas whose molecule, Hydrogen Peroxide, is a natural component of human lungs. Plus, DHP™ occurs at levels well below OSHA’s standard3. Synexis Devices also underwent rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and were certified to meet UL2998 for zero ozone emissions.
Commands the Room
DHP™ flows wherever air flows, throughout any indoor space—reducing the presence of microbes without anyone having to leave the room, unlike other methods.
Low Maintenance
Just turn it on and go about your day. DHP™ works behind the scenes with very little upkeep, no operating staff, and no disruption to anyone’s routine.

In the air and on surfaces: Where DHP™ flows.

Weight Rooms, Gyms, & Locker Rooms
Surprise, gyms have germs! Whether it’s sweaty benches, shared lockers, or shower stalls that require flip flops, our continuous flow of DHP™ can help kick these microbes out—both in the air and on surfaces.
Stadiums & Arenas
The combination of sweat, food, and people in indoor spaces can breed high levels of bacteria, and odors. Our DHP™ technology attacks all of them, in the air and on surfaces, even after the whistle blows.
Sports Medicine
Health is an ever-present component of athletics. And when it comes to reducing the levels of viruses and bacteria in the air and on the surfaces that athletes are exposed to, Synexis gets the job done.
Parks & Rec Centers
Our DHP™ technology flows to the farthest corners of rooms to reach microbes, and since it's designed to be safe, the community can keep active without interruption.
Professional Teams: On the Road
Professional teams already love having Synexis in their home locker rooms. But what’s even better? When they take our portable devices on the road.
Arts and Entertainment
From a hectic soundstage to the editing suite, all the way to a movie theatre seat with its sticky armrests, Synexis can help cut microbes out of the picture—both in the air and on surfaces.
Los Angeles Dodgers

The LA Dodgers’ competitive edge against microbes.

“Going into 2020, we look like geniuses that we already had this installed,” says Neil Rampe, the Head Athletic Trainer for the Dodgers.

Rampe worked to make sure Dodger Stadium was outfitted with microbe-fighting technology for his players. But he didn’t stop there—playing 81 away games in a normal year, Rampe and his team don’t leave LA without units of the adaptable Synexis Sphere in tow. Read about what convinced the Dodgers to choose our DHP™ technology below.


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