Microbial Reduction System

Our Client Process

Synexis technology can help your organization achieve a more comprehensive environmental treatment strategy than ever before.

We designed our technology to effectively reduce the presence of microbial contamination in occupied spaces without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Our patented microbial reduction system is the only technology available that produces Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) from the humidity in the air to minimize the presence of viruses, bacteria and mold in the air and on surfaces.

The Synexis Microbial Reduction System is:

  • Effective against viruses, bacteria, and mold
  • Effective against odor causing compounds and insects
  • Effective in out-of-reach areas
  • A natural and green solution
  • Replicating a natural process


The Synexis Microbial Reduction System provides:

  • A wide area of effect
  • Flexibility and ease of operation
  • No disruption to day-to-day operations
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • No labor commitment
  • No requirement to refill a liquid solution
  • A reduced risk of cross and re-contamination
  • Comfort and safety of occupants
  • No odors, chemicals, or solvents
  • No bright lights


We are a data-driven company; environmental analysis is a key part of our approach with every client.

To provide the best microbial reduction results, we first gain a full understanding of your facility and current environmental metrics. We establish goals and desired outcomes for your Synexis implementation. Reduction of microbial threats and detailed monitoring combined with existing practices help to provide measurable results and ROI.

Our Client Process


Every design starts with a comprehensive assessment of your facility. We work with you to identify the environmental issues impacting your operation. This includes analysis of current cleaning and disinfection practices. After performing an assessment we design and propose an optimal deployment strategy for your space.


Implementation of our technology requires only basic mechanical and electrical resources.  Installation time is minimal no matter the size of your facility. Before turning our devices on we establish baseline metrics for your facility. This provides you the ability to see that the system is producing intended results after deployment.


Once deployed, all facilities are regularly examined to ensure effective results. Efficacy is determined for both air and surface contamination through environmental sampling.

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